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The SPHS PTSA is setting up a shared calendar so invited organizations can post their fundraisers and events in one place. We hope that you will participate. If you give us an email address for one person at your organization, we will add that person to the below calendar. Then that person can easily add events by logging into their google account. At calendar.google.com, they can see and add events to the South Pas Fundraiser and Events calendar. We will also share the imbed code for the calendar with your organization so that you can include the calendar on your websites as well.

Community calendar


Make your dollars go further! Want to get your car washed? go out for dinner? or grab a boba? Check out these school fundraisers. (Currently¬†the “events” on this calendar are made up for example purposes only.)

PTA events

Coordinate your schedule. PTA events from all South Pasadena schools and First Council can also be found here.

Note to organizations: We can provide imbed codes for calendar format…..

Or “agenda” format (list).

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