FAQ for new parents

Please note that this page tries to explain what is “normally” done, and, if available, what is happening differently during academic year 2020-2021 in response to COVID-19 pandemic. Please contact the school directly if you have any questions.

Purchasing an SAC card is a great way to support ASB (Associated Student Body) activities, like school dances, Homecoming, Color Day, student government, sports, clubs and classes.

All students receive a student photo ID card from the school. If your student decides to purchase the SAC (Student Activity Card) option, his/her student photo ID will have “SAC” printed on it (so the student ID acts as the SAC). With an SAC, students can get discounted tickets to dances; free admission to school sports events; and a free Tiger Guide (daily planner for the academic year). Purchasing an SAC provides funds  

If you have questions about the SAC card, please contact XXXX.

Typically, school photos (for Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors) are taken at on-site registration just before the school year starts. This academic year (’20-’21), because of COVID-19 pandemic, the school is making alternate arrangements and will advise families shortly.

Seniors have their photos taken separately. Information on Senior photos is emailed to Senior families before the beginning of the school year.

If you have questions about school photos, please contact XXXXXX.

Yes! The program is primarily for sophomores and juniors. Please click here for more information.

Naviance is a web-based program to help students prepare for life after high school including information on career and college choices. Freshmen and new students typically receive their login information a couple months into the school year (or after they enroll). 

The school typically has a parent meeting in Quarter 1 to walk them through Naviance.

All students are assigned Periods 1 through 7. One of those periods will likely be a study hall.

The daily schedule alternates between odd days (Periods 1, 3, 5, and 7) and even days (Periods 2, 4, 6, and 7). Please note that Period 7 is held on all days.

During a normal on-campus school year

  • If a student has study hall Period 1 or 2, they should remain off campus until the start of their first class (Period 3 for odd days, Period 4 for even days). 
  • If a student has study hall Period 5 or 6, they must remain on campus through the lunch period.

In addition, some students may also request a Period 0 (This is typically for students taking music or ???. Please confer with your counselor.) Period 0 occurs daily.

During a normal on-campus school year, every other week there are two “late start” days (one odd and one even). Please refer to school website for bell schedules.

SPHS is a closed campus. Students must remain on campus for lunch. Seniors in good academic standing may apply for special privileges to leave the school for lunch. Please refer here for additional information.

The school will hold meetings during Semester 2 for students interested in taking Honors or AP classes. After that, students must submit completed assessment forms to their counselors to request consideration for Honors and AP classes.

Registration for AP tests is done through the school. The school will provide information on this process.

Please refer here for additional information. In addition, here is the school policy on attendance.

Please visit the Counselor page on the school website. In the side menu there are links to information regarding graduation requirements, college requirements, financial aid, and more.

Normally graduation requirements include completion 45 hours of volunteer service. Please refer here for more information. These requirements may change due to COVID-19.

Please contact Patti Luna, Student Services Technician (pluna@spusd.net
(626) 441-5820 Ext. 2908) if you have questions.

Please check here for information on SPHS library hours, policies, and other useful reference information including a list of other nearby libraries, MLA format, and writing aids.

Help your student not forget! Summer assignments will be posted here.

One of the easiest ways is to check the daily bulletins which are posted here. These contain information that is read to the students daily in homeroom.

Ways to keep in touch with what is going on academically in your students’ lives include subscribing to your students’ teachers’ web pages and checking the Aeries portal.

And you can always check the PTSA website for news and updates, to subscribe to our newsletter, and to see the calendar!

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