Grad Nite

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  • Eat and use the restroom before arrival
  • Arrive at SPHS gym at 6:00 pm for check-in and drug dog screening
  • Water bottle will be provided
  • Travel light!
    Only bring what you can easily carry
    No storage available at SPHS nor on the busses


Sunday, June 4
6:00 pm at SPHS basketball courts
  • Check in and find your friends
  • Sign in with chaperone of your choice
  • Load busses and depart

At park

  • we’ll hand you your ticket
  • go through security
  • have fun with your friends

At end of evening

  • return to bus
  • chaperone will text you bus location
  • return to SPHS (eta 4:00 am)


Q: Can I get there or back on my own? Can I leave early?

A: You must travel on the provided busses at the scheduled times?

Q: Are the chaperones going to follow us

A: Chaperones accompany the group through security only

Q: Why the drug dog?

A: To screen for items that, if found at Disney, will cause detainment and/or involvement of law enforcement

Q: What are the park rules?

A: Read the park rules at

If you have questions, contact

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