Naviance Forum – Sept. 27 at 7:00 pm

Naviance is web-based platform that helps students and parents explore careers and colleges and communicate with their counselors about the choices that are right for them.

Register NOW to attend the forum to learn more about Naviance, how it works, and what it offers.

Monday, September 27
7:00 pm 

This forum is for parents of students in grades 10-12.
A separate Naviance Forum will be announced for grade 9.

Register here for the forum. 
Must register by 4:00 pm on 9/23.

Once you have registered, please view the video below to prepare for the forum. 

Parents must view this video link and learn how to log in ahead of the Naviance forum time. If you have any trouble, you should contact your student’s counselor for help beforehand.

If you still have trouble logging in during the presentation time, you will need to watch and follow along with the example account as any questions will not be answered until after the demonstration has been completed.  

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